Hello, my name is Rinkita and I’m a Certified Interior Designer and Photographer. I am also a craft teacher and remote consultant. The way I handle my customers is the way I would treat my friends. I only endorse things I’ve personally experienced and am passionate about as I do not want anyone to spend their money, time, and effort on something I don’t recommend. In this blog, I will provide my knowledge and experience as well as projects I’ve completed in the past. These suggestions and tips will be helpful to my readers as I’ve used these tips in real life and have a more results .

The posts contain steps-by-step photos and detailed explanations of how to improve your kitchen, backyard, home as well as everything else connected with interior decor. I’m going to try to make the blog posts more useful to my readers, so that they can learn more from all times.

It’s a pleasure to watch someone create something amazing by using my blog. If you’ve discovered my website informative or interesting you can leave a comment or let me know what you think.